Today I remembered I didn't write with black ink for quite a while ...
I miss black ink sometimes, although in the last period I've been a fan of some purples. Special purples. Don't get me wrong. I am still mad about very few colors that found their way straight into a special place of my mind.

Getting back to today, I inked nurebairo for the first time.
Mesmerizing color. It's black with blue shades that look amazing even in a drier EF nib. And it looks delightful when you write, creating a great pair even next to my beloved Commando Blue pen sleeve.
I've captured a shot of them, apologies for my messy desk.

Commando Blue leather pen sleeve, Sailor 1911 Realo EF and bottle of nurebairo
Sailor 1911 Realo EF, Commando Blue leather pen sleeve and kyo-no-oto nurebairo.

Here's an ink swab I've made in a rush. I will update the post with a writing sample soon.

Thank you for being my "travel companion" on this fantastic daily journey that somehow involves amazing pens, gorgeous ink colors, and lovely leather cases to carry around my writing tools.

kyo-no-oto nurebairo ink
kyo-no-oto nurebairo ink