I am nowadays getting back to daily journalling - to set a bit of order in my daily schedule. Save ideas, unload them from my mind, so it doesn't need to spin non-stop just to remember fractions or bits of information.

There are many ways of journaling. I am now trying to have it all on it.

My daily to-do in my bullet journal, any other journaling, note-taking, or ideas were saved for later into my notes.

I forgot how rewarding it feels to cross things down in the physical world, not into a digital to-do list. Plus, when you return at your day and your notes, you feel somehow on track and in focus.

Besides the daily to-do list benefits, comes the note-taking, the ideas jotted down in a form or another.

You can jot down whatever you like - the raw idea, the spark that led to it, the whole creative idea.

The creative journaling

A creative journal is an efficient and straightforward approach to personal development. This new, widely accessible approach takes journaling even further by using psychology concepts and combining the benefits of art therapy and creative writing.

You can allow your ideas, emotions, thoughts, drawings, and memories to run free. It is important to really let yourself go and experience all the benefits of this process.

Your creative journal is for you and you alone, which means there will be no judgment from anybody else. The result does not actually matter, it's the process that counts.

There's plenty of benefits to keep a journal.

I perceive it so rewarding and engaging with my inner self when writing down a creative idea. However, journaling is highly beneficial to:

  • de-clutter your mind
  • reach your creative potential
  • get to know yourself and express your emotions easily
  • relax, connect with your inner self
  • get your entire brain working

A journal is not necessarily artistic or mandatory to be connected with creative activities. It's instead a personal development tool that can work for everyone, creative or not. Worry not whether you're a good writer or an accomplished artist to get started. You just need to be yourself. Everything else will follow.

Get writing!