Part I –

I am embarking a journey, a journey that, for me, restarted seven years ago. I always loved writing with a fountain pen. Somehow that was still in my blood years after school, and I always found it classy, different, unique.

So here I am, seven years ago having one pen and one ink. The pen was a Pelikan Souverän® Black-Blue M 800 piston filler, and the ink was a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo that I still have today.

Pelikan Souverän®, pen case

I still remember the time when I got that pen from a library in Brasov city. I was missing writing with a fountain pen, and when I saw those elegant blue stripes on the body, mixing with the golden finial swan, I had to have it. Back then, I was writing almost exclusively with pencils (classic ones), nothing fancy, just 2B.

So here I am in the historical centre of Brasov, sipping my cup of coffee, having a glass of wine, inking my pen and laying down my fist pen stroke in years, pretty much since I ended gymnasium. At the time, I wasn't worried about a leather pen case; my small leather messenger bag was protective enough.

Time has passed, and my work as a Product designer didn't necessarily give me too many opportunities to use that fountain pen as I should. But somehow, little after I got the pen, I felt that something was bothering me at that pen.

The balance was great, and the pen was heavy,  big, solid. It was an excellent fit for my large hands. But it took me too much to figure out what was bothering me. So eventually I and my pen parted, it got lost in a drawer at my desk and remained there, forgotten, for quite a while.

One day, lurking frenetically through my desk drawers, I lay my eyes on it. And I remembered how much I liked that pen, it felt exactly like in the moment I've held it in my hand for the first time —instant love. However, as time passed, I started using liners in my work as I needed them to make annotations on wireframes, sketch diagrams, and so on. And during all this time, I was using fine liners –– Staedler's fine liners 0.2, 0,1, and 0.005 were my daily partners.

However, here I am again, me with my pen. I remembered all the joy I've lived putting my jots on paper with that pen. And from that moment of the reunion, I've made myself a promise –– that there will not be a day that I don't take a not with this amazing pen that still fascinates me from the second one.

This time, keeping my commitment, I realized pretty fast what was bothering me about my dream pen (or so I thought at the moment). I was already a "fine" addict. The finer, the better. Although my Pelikan was an EF nib, the line laid on the paper was too thick to my taste. I don't like a thick line. I used to have fantastic handwriting since school (one of the things I am so grateful for my father over-stressed). During high school, I was taking notes in-class writing in Technical lettering by hand.

Now my writing got messier and messier in time, but I decided to fix that.
That was the beginning of a new challenge –– to take my handwriting back. And sadly, my fountain pen couldn't help me with that as I started being obsessed with how thick the letters and strokes were.

I've decided to finally part with my pen for good. It was an awesome pen, excellent balance –– just wasn't right for my taste at times.

A painful decision, but I considered an awesome pen like that deserves an owner that will appreciate it better than I do. It was also a perfect decision because that decision led me here today.

The story continues...

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